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Support Stockings

* Professionally fitted stockings will save you money, and give you the comfort and support you need.

* For clients already wearing support stockings, please have your limb reviewed by a Lymphoedema Therapist before going into a tighter stocking. This is essential where a limb has increased in size. A tighter stocking may not be the correct decision. Reducing fluid in the limb would be a better suggestion.

 3M Koban 2 Compression Bandaging System

3M Coban 2 Compression Bandaging System


* Where possible the Compression bandages reduce the swelling at a faster rate.

* These are required during your treatment to reduce swelling in Chronic Lymphoedema.

* Once most of the swelling has been reduced, support stockings are often needed during the day for many Lymphoedema clients.

Traditional Bandaging
Traditional Compression Bandaging


Professional Lymphoedema Training Courses AustraliaSwelling in your feet, legs, hands or feet is often treatable by a very easy pain free treatment using no machines just my hands.

A lymphatic drainage massage can reduce the swelling back to near normal again. Some of the chronic clients may need their swollen limb bandaged during the treatment time to help reduce excess fluid from returning back into the limb.

My passion is helping clients have normality back in their life again. Suffering from this awful condition is no longer necessary.

I have had the pleasure of helping clients now for over 10 years. You do how ever need to help yourself at home as well to maintain the reduction by doing simple exercises daily and watching your diet. In most cases a support garment is also needed to control the swelling. I also show your partner or carer how to manage your swelling at home.


Lymphoedema MLDT Drains 20kg from Leg

9 weeks of Treatment ends 5 Years of Suffering

MLDT Testimonial

SHANE FELS (Queensland)

Bandaging and drainage done every day for  4 weeks (extreme case of neglect by medical professionals
caused this patient to suffer for 5 years before contacting our clinic and getting these results).

Shane believes we, (Pauline Wallace and Lisa O'Shea Practitioner from Browns Plains Queensland) who worked a roster system between us to apply the treatment Shane needed, saved his life.

He was becoming a very distant and depressed man because of his swollen leg. He was unable to perform most every day duties, he lost hours from his work, he could no longer play with his kids and found it extremely difficult to drive the car. 

WHY? did our health system ignore this man and why was he denied of the treatment that he needed through the hospitals that offer treatment for lymphoedema?.  


Testimony From Samantha:

Oedema Foot  

oedema swelling foot

oedema foot after treatment

Initial swelling before treatment.

Infection was treated in hospital first.

  10 Days after treatment Samantha's foot now

Back in August 2009 I was sent by my local GP to find a Lymphoedema Clinic.

Not knowing where to start I used a search engine & came across the Lymphoedema Australia website & found Pauline Wallace in my area.

It took 10 straight days of lymphatic drainage massage, combined with compression bandages to get my foot & leg down to a size where I could wear shoes once again.

I now wear compression stockings on a daily basis & still see Pauline on a regular basis for lymphatic drainage. The after care management at home is essential to keep the reduction in the leg and foot down.

I cannot thank Pauline enough for the treatment she has given me.

I now run 3 times a week.... something I was unable to do without her help!

Samantha Albrecht

Mrs S.

Mrs S BeforeMrs S After Lymph treatment


Mrs S lives in a nursing home in Brisbane and has suffered with Lymphoedema in her lower left leg and foot for 3 years since having a stroke.

Over 6 days of MLDT treatment, I was able to reduce her limb considerably, followed by a Sigvaris support stocking which she will need to wear every day to maintain the reduction.


Eva 87 years old came to the clinic for advice on reducing the swelling in her feet and legs. Eva has a lot of medical problems causing the pitted Oedema in her feet and legs.

Eva's first treatment of Complex Drainage Therapy (CDT) was very successful with a good reduction.

The easiest compression for Eva was with the Farrow Wraps. They were applied to the Right Leg for 5 days with excellent results. The wraps were then applied to the other leg for 5 days also with excellent results as well.

Photos of before and after the treatment.



                Chronic Pitted Lymphoedema Foot.         5 Days later after treatment.

Eva's Testimony

I had problems walking, lifting my legs, I often had cramps in my feet and they always ached. I could not wear any shoes or slippers as they were all too tight. I had 2 skin tares in the Right leg that wouldn't heal with all the fluid in them.  I have none of these problems now and I am so blessed to be able to wear shoes again and be pain free.  I thank Pauline for all her knowledge of this treatment and her caring nature.

EVA. Nth Burnett area. Queensland.

Mrs H.

Lymphoedema treatment beforeLymphodema Treatment After


Mrs H. had CPT over 3 days. Lymphatic drainage, skin care and bandaging every day. She now controls the swelling with a Farrow Wrap on the lower limb of both legs but nothing was done to reduce the swelling on her feet as client was happy to leave her feet as they were. A reduction of approx 40 centimetres was removed from this leg. Excellent results for an elderly lady.

She is happy to be free from a lot of the pain she had in her legs. Mrs H. can walk a lot easier now as her legs are not so heavy.

Pauline Wallace

Credited Lymphoedema Therapist


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