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Pauline Wallace
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  • Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner
  • Reflexology Practitioner
  • Qualified Massage Therapist
  • Civil Marriage Celebrant
  • Lymphoedema & Obesity Support Association of Australia
  • Member of the A.L.A. Australasian Lymphology Association
  • Member of the L.A.Q. Lymphoedema Association of Queensland
  • Member of the A.C.Q. Alliance of Celebrants Queensland
  • Professional training courses available in learning Treatment for Lymphoedema.

As a private Lymphoedema Therapist in Queensland I am available to help you .....

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 Pauline Wallace - Lymphoedema TherapystClinical Practice

Unfortunately, many hospital clinics are unable to meet the needs of clients suffering from Lymphoedema. 

Nationally we need more Private Lymphoedema Therapists to cope with the demand of clients with this condition.

By offering courses to Professional Therapists we aim to overcome this problem.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is what we use for lymphoedema treatment.  MLDT includes:

  • Skin care
  • Manual lymphatic drainage. 
  • Exercise that stimulates the lymphatic system. 
  • Multi-layered bandaging and the supply of medical compression stockings.

Farrow wraps are also an option for those who need to work during treatment sessions.

Education for self-care management is also shown as its essential to prevent limb from swelling.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

The time taken to reduce a swollen limb depends on the severity of the swelling and how long it has been in the affected limb. In a lot of cases there can be a considerable reduction in the first few days.

The techniques required to manually move fluid are very light effleurage strokes. The aim is to stimulate the movement of lymph inside the lymphatic vessels and to decongest the swollen tissues by diverting the excess fluid to existing lymph nodes.


Bandaging and Medical Compression Stockings.

Bandaging is applied to reduce the swelling in the limb.  It is preferred if the bandaging can be left on for at least 2-3 days per treatment where possible, until reduction is down considerably so a support garment can be worn to prevent re-accumulation of the fluid.


Medical Compression Support Stockings.

It is not recommended to buy off the shelf medical support stockings without being measured correctly by a qualified person in this field. Professional advice on these garments can save you a lot of money from buying incorrect garments for your limb.



Exercise enhance the movement of fluid. Exercising with a garment on gives the muscles something to move against.  Exercises that cause overheating of the affected limb should be modified or discouraged if symptoms of further swelling occur.


Skin Care

Skin in good condition helps to keep germs and bacteria out. If bacteria should enter an area affected with lymphoedema they can cause serious infections. Antibiotics may be needed to prevent or combat infections (commonly called cellulitis). Simple preventative measures and swift action may help to minimise problems.



Understanding how to manage and avoid swollen limbs, will lead to greater independence. Over time this will contribute to good maintenance of an at-risk lymphoedema limb.

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